Stefanie Edwards

“Stefanie you are a genius. Seriously a genius! It is spectacular. I am so impressed and so thankful, I just can’t say enough. Thank you!” 

Put my genius to work for you!
Reserve my services for your one-day design intensive

Can you hear the relief and satisfaction in my client’s testimonial? What if you could experience that for yourself, when you are able to knock that big project off your todo list?

All my clients and past employers would describe my work as transformative. In every situation, I came in when things needed to be launched or were struggling with an outdated design or ineffective campaign.

Here’s one example…
Stefanie was critical in our marketing program. She listened, gave advice and delivered well beyond my expectations! I highly recommend her to any of my colleagues. Thanks Stefanie!

Gavin Mikell – Owner, Basement Creations


Get it done day

What can get done?

Wondering what could get done in just 10 hours? A lot with my efficient planning and execution process. Here are some ideas for things I can do in just one day. What would you want done?

  • Design your new product brochure
  • Create your annual report or organization publication
  • Develop consistent email design and flow for a productive campaign
  • Build your landing pages and sales funnel – either new or revamped
  • Stock build a month’s worth of content for your social media presence
  • Get your webinar or presentation ready for your next sales launch
  • Brainstorm and plan out your next month’s content calendar
  • Help you create a 5-day challenge for attracting new leads – complete with coordinated marketing materials and participant workbook

All of these projects are an example of how we could spend that one day intensive. It’s intensive because I am fully committed to you for the day. No distractions, no other projects. I remain focused all day on getting your project completed and ready to take action.

What relief would you feel knowing that the project is finally completed? No more waiting, no more endless planning. Just get it done, and move on to bigger things — like generating more sales.


One-day intensives

So how does the one-day intensive work?

It’s very simple. Simply access my online calendar and reserve which day you want your one-day intensive to happen. I have dates available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The hours vary based on the day, but in both cases, you will get the same amount of time – 8 hours – spent dedicated on your project. One day just starts a little later because of my commitment to morning school drop-offs. 

Before we get started you get a one hour consult in which we plan out the scope of the project and determine our schedule. 

Lastly, I’ve built in one hour of final edits or questions that may arise after our days. All in all, that’s 10 hours!

Please note: If you have a larger project in mind, please reserve a two-day session back-to-back, a Tuesday and a Wednesday. 

I will work remotely from my home office for our Get-it-done day. I have a fully equipped home office that is set around my preferences and provides me the peaceful workspace I require to get so much done in one day. I will need you to be available all day for easy access via chat, email, and phone for any questions that arise.



How much will a one-day intensive cost?

Well, let’s consider that if you wanted were building out a few landing pages, that cost could be $3,500+. If you wanted a full 12+ page brochure designed and developed — easily $3000+. Emails (written and formatted) can be $500 each. And the list goes on. 

But when you reserve my services for a one-day intensive none of that matters. Whatever I can get done in our one day together, get’s included for one flat rate. Amazing right? You’ll benefit knowing it’s done and knowing you saved money. 

Why do I package it like this? Because I too like taking on a project with a clear start and conclusion. I thrive working under pressure and working with intensity on one thing at a time (because multi-tasking is just a myth that leads to a serious lack of productivity). 

So your investment in my concentrated efforts for one day at just $1,500. That rate is good for the remained of the 2019 calendar. I will be boosting my daily rate to $2,000 per day in 2020. When you know how much I can get done in a day and what savings you are yielding from this result, you’ll understand why. So if you are ready to take action and get your project done now, don’t hesitate. Book a Get-it-done day with me now, before the dates run out.


Client Feedback

Enjoy The Work

Stuart Tutler

Headmaster, New Hope Academy

"Stefanie's talents have been a great addition to our organization. She developed our marketing and communication materials and put us on a whole new level. Her attention to detail is what makes her stand out. I received nothing but great feedback on the new brochures, revamped website, and newsletters."

David Holladay

President, ExpoDisplays

"You've been awesome and you took our image to a whole new level! What a difference between when you started until now. Thanks for everything."



 Stefanie Edwards

So who is this design genius I’m hiring?

Personally, I don’t call myself a genius because I always feel there is something more to learn. And that’s to your advantage because I am regularly investing in the latest training from industry leaders and attending phenomenal conferences to stay up-todate on developing trends. Marketing and design are constantly evolving and I want to make sure I am delivering the best of the best. 

I began my career in 2001 as a Marketing Specialist and that was the first time I was put into a role where I was responsible for marketing ideas, branding, advertising, designing collateral, copywriting, web design, and event planning. Yes, I really did all those things in one role. And every role since. I have always taken positions for companies and clients where I have multiple responsibilities — the diversity of my job keeps me satisfied and inspired. 

And that’s what I like about these one-day intensives. I get to dive really deep on your project for a day and then move on and do something entirely different the following week. But that’s not to say you can’t ever work with me again. I have had multiple clients who book multiple days or employ me for longer periods so we can build out everything they need for their upcoming campaign. If that’s the case you’re in, go ahead and book one day first. Let’s work together at least once to make sure we have a solid understanding of each other and the way we operate. If we agree it’s a good fit beyond that, I’ll be happy to discuss future options

What happens once I book my day? 
Once you have reserved your Get-it-done day, I will send you an email confirming your date and provide you with a questionnaire I need for you to complete. This will help me understand you, your business, your market, and your project. This questionnaire will require your in-depth answers so I have a solid basis from which to work. We’ll then book our first consultation, typically a 30-60 minute time slot in which we will discuss the project specifically. That will allow me to build out a plan for our one-day intensive. Planning is vital to making sure I have everything ready to knock out the project in one day