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  • With expertly crafted copywriting, both online and in print, you can develop stronger, more rooted relationships with your clients.

  • Boost the odds of your content being read, with stunning design that targets your audience and holds their interest. It’s design that works!

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Struggling to connect with prospects and clients? Try this...

Content Marketing -- The method of communicating with your customers without selling.

Move past being just a company to your customers. Become their trusted ally. The resource they can't do without. Content Marketing helps you get there. Instead of creating advertisements that push your services or products in a way that consumers have learned to ignore (think tossing out junk mail, skipping commercials with your DVR, etc), Content Marketing offers a fresh approach of educating and delivering value in a manner in which consumers value and respect. They come to view your company as a respected resource, an expert in your field, and when they are ready to make a purchase, they seek you out.

No matter the marketing tactic used, it is important that the message be delivered in a manner that delivers consistent, relevant, valuable content.



  • Consumer Direct Copy

    Consumer direct copywriting makes your business more accessible to your customers with persuasive and informative text that entices consumers to take action.

  • Business to Business Content

    Addressing an audience of business professionals requires different maneuvers than writing for consumers. I have direct training and experience writing for business professionals , including writing for distributorships and sales reps.


Everyone knows there’s no second chance to make a great first impression. That’s why it’s so important your collateral be well structured and stunning in design. It has to stand out among the swarm of competitor advertisements.

  • Stand alone pieces

    Newsletters, postcards, brochures, flyers, and more can all be designed to make you look good. Stand alone marketing pieces can be a one time deal or an on-going design process (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

  • Branded Collateral

    Transform the appearance of your business with a redesign of your marketing collateral. A fresh new design that transcends your entire company from the business cards to the website, from the emails to the brochure, it will all be integrated for a beautiful, consistent image.


Ways I make your life easier

Throughout the past 14 years, I have worked in a variety of positions both as an in-house marketing director and as a freelance specialist. In both capacities, I have been the one-stop-shop for writing the copy, creating the layout, planning the campaign and executing the delivery. Areas of speciality include:

Marketing Collateral

Whether a postcard, brochure or a 100 page catalog, I can design a beautiful, print-ready file that enhances your corporate image by stimulating client interest. With a branded image across all platforms, you'll be confident your marketing strengthens your company image, no matter the platform.


Descriptive product flyers, educational handouts, informative newsletters, and more, all deserve the same powerful, professional copy. I conduct interviews and research as needed to identify key factors, markets and product knowledge, to ensure I write as one in your industry.

Blogs and Newsletters

Content marketing is all about engaging with your customers and providing them resourceful information that impacts and benefits their life. Blogs and newsletters are two key sources for delivering such content. But keeping up with regular, timely content can be daunting. That's where I can help!

Web Content

In today's internet savvy world, your website speaks for your company before any other medium. I can write the content for the home page or the entire site. With experience designing web pages as well, I can offer suggestions on visual and usability design.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to capture user data and/or promote a specific promotion. Often times they offer a special giveaway (white paper, e-book, case study, catalog, etc.) in return for users entering their email address (helps you build your mailing list).

Email Marketing

Email marketing is booming with no end in sight. It is a cost effective means of reaching your clients and prospects. Make sure your emails are clear and appealing to stand out amongst the swarm of others in your prospect's inbox.


Announcing a new service, launching a new product, teaching a course, or whatever other need you may have for a presentation, make sure your audience remains engaged and interested throughout your speech. With stylish visual aids, you'll deliver your message with confidence. I'm trained in both Keynote and Power Point.


Advertising is changing greatly with the advent of Special Advertising Sections. These article style advertisements require more research, copywriting and preparation, but the reward is tremendous. Whether online or in print I can help you take advantage of this great resource. Traditional advertisements are also available.

Direct Mail and Brochures

It may be called snail mail, but direct mail, is still worth investing in. A valueable marketing resource for many reasons, direct mail gets you in front of your prospects when you need it most. Brochures are also a necessary sales tool in many industries. Whether a simple tri-fold or a multi-page document, I can help you draft a stunning brochure with vibrant copy.

Portfolio Samples

In each project shown, I handled both the copywriting and design. Clicking on the preview image will show a larger sample.

Trusted Ally

Read what clients throughout the years have had to say about my work.

Christian Writing

With a background in both baptist and nondenominational churches, and a graduate of a leading Christian university (with a minor in Christian Studies), I have the knowledge of the faith, religious style and familiarity with believers, to engage your readers in an effective way.

  • Christian Content

    Experienced writing for Christian organizations, I can transform your upcoming marketing or assist you with article drafts, newsletters, email campaigns and more, all from the Christian world view.

  • Articles and Books

    My first novel was a Christian suspense. I’m available to write articles, journals and books in this uplifting and inspirational market.

  • Devotionals

    Devotional entries have the unique requirement of educating the reader while connecting with their spirit to encourage, inspire and / or transform. I've written single entries and entire journals.

Christian Writing Services

Marketing Critiques

Wondering how your marketing is working? Get a professional critique of your copy, website, marketing collateral, marketing plan and more. Whether reviewing one item or the entire collection, I can offer helpful insights to improve your efforts and reap better results.

  • Resourceful Feedback

    After reviewing your existing marketing materials, I'll provide a list of areas for improvement, hint at things could be holding you back, and give you a glimpse of how working with me could yield big changes.

  • Marketing Revisions & Planning

    Planning a more effective campaign going forward is the next move. Together we'll discuss your business objectives and goals, and then I can help you formulate a marketing plan.

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